Design Philosophy

We are excited about the Lighting industry’s unprecedented technological evolution, yet maintain a pragmatic, real-world approach. In this rapidly evolving environment, fixture form-factor and efficiency present a compelling case for embracing the LED era, bringing with it affordable Controls to everyday applications.  

- Lighting is both an art and a science. As such, we strive to reach a balance between function and aesthetics.

- Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We are constantly evaluating new opportunities and it's cost-benefits for the benefit of clients.

- We collaborate with our clients to provide environments that are as efficient and productive as they are aesthetically compelling and affordable.

Best Practices Approach

Our lighting designs reference North American recommended practices such as IESNA and CIE,  ASHRAE 90.1, Canadian Building Codes, LEED and other influential guidelines such as IDA's Darksky recommended practices.

Design Concept

We strive to understand our Client’s objectives, exchange and discuss ideas and develop lighting principles from which the lighting concepts and design narratives are defined. This phase also serves to establish budget expectations, and various technology performance targets. We then articulate these ideas to the client and project team in the form of sketches and renderings.

Typical deliverables include:

     Draft Concept plans for various program components.

     Draft Preliminary specifications and budget.

     Consultant team design review.

     Final concept design presentation & sign-off.

Design Development

We engage the design team to communicate lighting objectives, exchange ideas, understand project constraints. Budget and installation details are finalized and drawings are issued as construction tender documents.  

Typical deliverables include:

    Perform lighting analysis and issue design development drawings.

    Develop Reflected Ceiling Plans

    Illustrate circuiting/switching to clarify lighting zoning.

    For exterior lighting; Site lighting plans showing levels, type and

    location, elevation, etc.

    Issue lighting specifications and cut-sheets.

Tender Documentation and Review Process

We assist the design team in communicating contract objectives for installation, start-up and commissioning of the lighting system.

Start-up relates to proper installation pertaining to codes, OEM instructions, electrical and functionality testing and warranty sign-offs. We assist project contractors in coordinating with suppliers the appropriate training and on-site technical assistance required for successful completion of this start-up phase.

Typical deliverables include:

- Site visits. Respond to trade's requests for information in a timely manner.

- Prepare deficiency lists. Review and comment on resolution proposals.

Commissioning of the lighting system relates to design compliance, functionality and performance of the lighting system, as it pertains to lighting design intent stipulated in the tender documents.

Usually this stage begins after the start-up has been completed or substantial completion has been awarded. We may perform certain functions or assist contractors in setting lighting levels, verifying that control zones are implemented correctly, programming keypads and scheduling. Project sign-off often follows lighting systems training of designated client staff.  

Site Plan Approval Submissions

We have extensive experience in Municipal site-lighting Approval submissions.

Municipalities are increasingly aware of the adverse effects of light trespass and dark-sky pollution, excessive lighting and uncoordinated streetscapes. Consequently, site lighting plans are required for Site Plan Approval, requiring a professionally prepared submission of site illumination levels, light trespass, and lighting implementation details in addition to equipment cut-sheets.

Site Master Planning

We assist Landscape Architects in developing lighting principles and standards as an integral part of an urban streetscape for a Site Master Plan.

Please contact us for an evaluation of our services.

Project Types

Our experience ranges over a wide architectural lighting sector;

Lighting Standards,  Lighting Site Master Planning

Lighting Site-plan Approval submissions

LEED Projects, and Energy Audits

Commercial, Retail, Hospitality

Residential & Landscape Lighting

Exterior Façade Lighting

Custom Fixture Design

Public Art & Themed Environments

Houses of Worship, Historical & Institutional

Artist Peter Powning's Fantasm,
Commissioned Public Art for Bell Lightbox, Toronto ON
Artist Peter Powning's Fantasm,
Commissioned Public Art for Bell Lightbox, Toronto ON