Site Plan Approval Submissions

We have extensive experience in Municipal site-lighting Approval submissions.

Municipalities are increasingly aware of the adverse effects of light trespass and dark-sky pollution, excessive lighting and uncoordinated streetscapes. Consequently, site lighting plans are required for Site Plan Approval, requiring a professionally prepared submission of site illumination levels, light trespass, and lighting implementation details in addition to equipment cut-sheets.

Master Planning

We assist Landscape Architects in developing lighting principles and standards as an integral part of an urban streetscape for a Site Master Plan.

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Lighting Project Scope

Our experience ranges over a wide architectural lighting sector;

Lighting Standards,  Lighting Site Master Planning

Lighting Site-plan Approval submissions

LEED Projects, and Energy Audits

Commercial, Retail, Hospitality

Residential & Landscape Lighting

Exterior Fa├žade Lighting

Custom Fixture Design

Public Art & Themed Environments

Houses of Worship, Historical & Institutional